Visit Asakusa, Traditional Downtown Tokyo!

When you come to Tokyo, Asakusa would be the first place to visit.
It’s one of the oldest part of Tokyo, enjoy a Buddhism temple, traditional shopping streets, and downtown walking!

Kaminarimon Asakusa

Kaminarimon Gate in Asakusa

This is the entrance of the temple district. Kaminarimon means, thunder’s gate. This red lantern is the landmark of Asakusa, or Tokyo.


Nakamise Shopping Street

 Once you get through the Kaminarion gate, you walk through Nakamise shopping street. A lot of traditional foods and gifts are here.


Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Sky Tree, the highest tower of Japan is very close from here.

From here, you enter the Sensoji Temple area. Don’t miss huge Buddhism statues inside the gate!


Sensoji Temple

Inside the temple area. Check out the incense smoke, it’s said that you will be smarter if you soak in that smoke.


Omikuji, fortune teller

Everyone tries omikuji here. You’ll get a paper which says what your fortunes are.


Tie your bad fortune

If your fortune is not good enough, tie it on the temple’s bar. It’ll be purified and your fortune will get better!
The traveler, Youssef Khaouiti from Morocco, is  a part of our Japan Oriental Tour team.

Visit Asakusa with us!

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by Japan Oriental Tours

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