Akihabara in Tokyo, the Biggest Electrical Shopping District in the World!

Akihabara is one of the places most of the tourists from other countries want to visit during their stay in Tokyo.
It’s the world’s largest electrical shopping district, PC, mobile phones, tablets, TVs, games machines, or any kind of electrical products can be found here.

This place is also known as the must-visit place for “Otaku”, geek people. Many shops are specialized in “Anime” related items such as figures or cards

Akihabara Station

Akihabara Station in Tokyo

Once you get off the Akihabara train station, the electrical and “otaku” world started. A famous girls “idol” group’s cafe is just next to the station exit.

Akihabara Street

Huge electrical shops in Akihabara

All these shops are selling electrical things and “otaku” items. If you are looking for something specific, such as a PC, it’s better to try one of the big shops. If you check out small shops, one day is not enough to see them all!

Akihabara shop

Checking out new products in Akihabara

New products are on display and you can try some of them by yourself. Check out how it works before you buy!

Smartphone displays

Smartphones are the most popular now.

Currently, smartphones are the most popular products for Japanese. Try to ask at a shop if it works in your country, in big shops, they have staff speaking English, Chinese, Korean, or some other languages.

Second hand shop in Akihabara

A big varieties of second hand products

You can also find second hand items. Some of them look like brand new, and still cheap! This is one of the good ways to find what you need save your yen!

Visit Akihabara with us!
Tokyo Anime Tour

By Japan Oriental Tours

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