Panorama View from Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Sky Tree is the tallest tower in Japan, and the 2nd tallest building in the world with 634 meters high. The main purpose of the building is broadcasting TV and radio and also this is one of the most popular tourist spots in Tokyo. Let’s get up to the panorama deck for the amazing panorama of Tokyo!


Entrance of Tokyo Sky Tree, along Sumida River

The lower part of the tower is a shopping complex “Soramachi”, with restaurants and food, clothe shops. Now get up to the 4th floor to take the elevator to the panorama deck.


Ticket Office

Look at the long line at the ticket office! Better to get the tickets in advance.


Elevator to the panorama deck

A guide in the elevator proudly explains that it takes just 50 seconds to the 350 meters high panorama deck!


Panorama from the deck

So, this is the view from the panorama deck. You will able to see Tokyo Disneyland, Yokohama port, and even Mt Fuji in a sunny day!


Sky Tree shadow

The shadow of the tower is like a huge sundial!


Ice cream at a cafe in the deck

At a cafe in the panorama deck. See, the ice cream has a shape of the Sky Tree!


Oyako-don, chicken & egg rice bowl

After getting down to the ground, why don’t you try “Oyako-don” (Chicken and egg rice bowl) at “Tamahide”, a Japanese restaurant which has more than 250 years history!

The Sky Tree complex also has a aquarium and a planetarium, you will be able to spend a half day in this huge building, just to enjoy the best part of Tokyo!

Tokyo Sky Tree is close to another famous tourist place Asakusa. If you are interested in getting a ticket and having a transfer and guide, please contact;

Japan Oriental Tours

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