Tokyo Digital Art Museum, teamLab Borderless is a Must-See!

This is a digital art museum, you will be in a shower of light, which expresses forest, mountains, wild animals, and it’s moving


Tokyo Tour ~Temple Palace & Waterfront Day Tour~

Tokyo has two faces with its modern one and traditional one. Today we joined a bus tour to go around Tokyo, with passengers from all over the world! Let’s see happens together…

Tokyo Big Sight

Exhibition in Japan, Explore a New World!

Spring has come! It’s time for big exhibitions, many business people get together in Japan. We are showing you one of the biggest exhibition venue in Tokyo, Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba. To get to the Tokyo Big Sight, you need to take either Yurikamome, a Tokyo new transportation system, or Tokyo Rinkai Line train. We…

Tokyo Exposition

Visit Expositions in Tokyo Bay Area!

Tokyo is one of the major sites for international expositions and conferences.  Not only for business purposes, you will be able to have interesting experiences as a tourist. This is one of the most popular exposition venues, Tokyo Big Sight. Everyday something new is going on here. It’s worth visiting while you are in Tokyo.…