Tokyo Tour ~Temple Palace & Waterfront Day Tour~

Tokyo has two faces with its modern one and traditional one. Today we joined a bus tour to go around Tokyo, with passengers from all over the world! Let’s see happens together…


Yellow Hato Bus

You do not have to any worry about pickup or tour, since this yellow bus and the tour guide will always help you.


Meiji Jingu Shrine


Purifying hands by sacred water

At this Shrine, our guide told us the proper manner to enter the shrine. We purified ourselves by water in front of torii. Also, when we prey the god, we bowed twice, clapped our hands twice, and bowed once again with putting our palms together. It was unique only in Shinto, Japanese original religion.


Bonsai exhibition in Meiji Jingu shrine

Sometimes some exhibitions are held in Meiji Jingu Shrine and this time we enjoyed Bonsai Exhibition.

Bonsai is miniature natural landscapes in pots using trees and stones. Since people use living trees in Bonsai, it keeps growing and changing, never comes to the end.


In front of the Imperial Palace

Imperial Pace locates right in the center of Tokyo. We could not enter the palace, however the environment around it is quite good! There are beautiful trees in front of there and fresh air makes us feel very comfortable.

Imperial Palace was Edo Castle which was built by Tokugawa Ieyasu in the Edo period, is now the place where only Japanese Emperor, Her Majesty the Empress and their family live. Ordinary people can enter on the limited dates, such as December 23th (Birthday of Japanese Emperor) and January 2nd (New Year Festival).


Kaminarimon Gate at Sensoji Temple

This is one of the famous photogenic spots in Japan. Many people take pictures in front of this gate. All buildings in this temple have red color since many Buddhists believe that red color will help buildings when a fire breaks out. You can also enjoy Buddhism custom in this temple. In front of the Main temple, there is an incense burner which your body function may recover by its smoke. Inside the Main temple, you can enjoy Omikuji (a fortune teller game). Try Buddhism culture in Asakusa.


The landscape from hotel during lunch

You can see beautiful landscape from the 21st floor at the hotel for lunch. This photo shows the left side of the landscape and on the right side, you can see the Rainbow Bridge one of the landmarks of Tokyo.



At lunch, you can enjoy a course in a hotel restaurant and you have three choices: Fish, Meat, Vegetarian. The tour will provide suitable foods for you. As you can see, I ate meat lunch and very delicious with its well-baked meat and vegetable with tasty dressing. As desserts, I had Japanese ganache called Nama-chocolate, regular and green tea tastes. This is a type of Japanese modern dining you can enjoy during the tour.


On Bay Cruise

This ship will provide luxurious time with beautiful landscape and cool winds. You can enjoy free time on this Bay Cruise.


Rainbow Bridge from Odaiba


The Statue of Liberty in Odaiba

You can see beautiful Rainbow Bridge and small Statue of Liberty in Odaiba. You can enjoy Rainbow Bridge twice with its view and passing through on it by the tour bus. To have this small Statue of Liberty in Tokyo, the Japanese government accepted the conditions of the US government; the statue must face hotels and shopping mall not the sea. Also, the Japanese government and some hotels in Odaiba are making payment to the US government. You will see the differences in Odaiba!

After the tour, the bus will take you to Hamamatsucho Bus terminal and Tokyo Station. Your guide will ask you where you go and she will tell you how to get to the train simply.

This tour will guide you old and modern parts of Japan and it will make you think how to enjoy Japan after the tour since the tour guide has many knowledge and you can ask anytime during tour. Try this tour to make your trip best!!!!

 To book the tour : Temple, Palace & Waterfront Day Tour by Japan Oriental Tours


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