Tokyo Tour (3) River Cruise and Asakusa Walking

The final part of our Tokyo Tour!

Arrived at Hinode Pier at about 14: 45.

Chilly breeze coming from the water. Ahh free air-conditioning! Why should we kill the earth by switching on the heater / air-conditioner of our room while it is provided by nature for free? If I stay in Tokyo, I think I will go there every weekend (lol).

Sumida River Cruise arrives in Asakusa

Sumida River Cruise arrives in Asakusa

Well, we had about 10 minutes waiting for the water bus. Just look far away to the right sight, it is easy to catch an eye on a big wheel near Odaiba (There’s an Edo period themed hotspring, worth spending time there with delicious food at good price).

Hinode Piere is the main hub for four boat lines. Boats travel back and forth among eight destinations around Tokyo Bay, including Hamarikyu Gardens and Asakusa. Here we are floating on Sumida River. From the window can get a look at Tsukiji Market, the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market of any kind. If you are interested in sushi, yes, it is an ideal place to find out your favorite sushi restaurants at good price.

It took about 40 minutes to Asakusa. Two guys in Ninja cosplay welcomed us at the bank river. I was very excited to take photos with them.

Asakusa was really crowded with tourists there. We crossed the road with the tour guide waving a red flag to the famous Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street.

Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street

Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street

The place includes a street food such as mochi, pastries and even ice-cream. The souvenirs and toys there are not expensive, you might want to grab some as momentos or presents for your kids. Rule of thumb: if you like what you see, buy it! If it is food, buy and eat it! (lol)


Asakusa has Halal restaurant too!

And at the end of the shopping street, you will find the Asakusa Kannon Temple also called as Sensoji.

Tour ended at Asakusa and dropped us off at the bus stop 3 minutes walk to Tokyo Station, a very convenient station with JR line and bullet train for your option. If you are not very good at direction, you can ask our tour guide, she is very helpful.


Our bus drops you off at Tokyo Station

Find the best way to enjoy your holiday in Tokyo!

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