Autumn Leaves in Japan – in Hiroshima and Kyoto

Autumn leaves experiences during Japan tours


Ninja and Traditional Village at Mt Fuji!

Do you know you can visit Ninja Village and Oshino Hakkai traditional village at the foot of Mt Fuji? Here’s a report of Japan Oriental Tour’s coordinator from Vietnam. =============================================== There used to be ninja and samurai until about 150 years ago in Japan. In this village, I felt like going back to the old…

Cherry Blossoms and Hiroshima in April

So many overseas tourists visited Hiroshima this April! And luckily, many of them had a chance to see cherry blossoms in full bloom. Here are some of the photos of our private Hiroshima Tour! Cherry blossom in Hiroshima is so famous and local people have picnic under the trees. If you come to Hiroshima in…