Tokyo Downtown Walking, Find the Most Traditional Part!

Tokyo is one of the biggest cities in the world, and also you can find the most traditional part of Japan here.

Let’s walk Yanese, Yanaka, Sendagi, and Nezu with us. you’ll see local people’s life and quiet houses and shrines here.

Nezu Shrine, Tokyo

Nezu Shrine

Yanaka, Nezu, Sendagi, Yanesen in short, is well know among tourists, not only from overseas, also local Tokyo people, as a place to walk around to enjoy traditional atmosphere.

Yanaka, Tokyo

Yanaka Cemetery

We start from Yanaka cemetary, right in front of the Nippori Station. Some famous historical figures are buried here, such as the last shogun Tokugawa Yoshinobu or a great Japanese painter Yokoyama Taikan.

AsakuraAsakura Museum of Sculpture, Tokyo

Asakura Museum of Sculpture

A few minutes away from the Yanaka cemetery, located  Asakura Museum of Sculpture. This place was used to be a house and studio for Asakura Fumio, a great sculptor in the 20th century. You’ll see his art woks and typical Japanese old house with tatami mats and fusuma screens, this house has even a pond in its garden!

Tea House in Yanaka Ginza

Tea House in Yanaka Ginza

We’ll go on to the Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street. You’ll find real Japanese people’s life here. Foods, clothes and crafts are all for local people, hard to find in modernized super markets.

Senbei, Japanese cracker

Senbei, Japanese cracker

Senbei is a Japanese traditional snack and in some shops, they still make it in their own kitchen and usually it tastes much better than plastic packed factory made senbeis.

Cafe in Sendagi, Tokyo

Cafe in Sendagi

After Yanake, we walk to Sendagi, some traditional famous shops and cafes are here. This shop is specialized in onigiri, rice ball rolled with nori, seaweed.

Nezu Shrine, Tokyo

Nezu Shrine

Nezu Shrine is popular among locals, nice to walk around in sunny days. This place is a Japanese cultural property, very traditional ceremonial buildings can be found.

Japanese sweets shop, Tokyo

Japanese sweets shop

If you need some rest, take a look at local sweets shops. Japanese sweets are very different from chocolates or cookies, try one of them will be an exciting experience of your stay in Japan. If you can have it with Japanese green tea, that’s the best.

Let’s walk downtown Tokyo with us!

Tokyo Downtown Walking Tour

by Japan Oriental Tours

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