Find Japanese Traditional Houses at “Nihon Minka-en (Japan Open-air Folk House Museum) “


Inside of the old Japanese house

Nihon Minka-en (Japan Open-air Folk House Museum) is an outdoor museum which displays Japanese old houses in Kawasaki-city, in the Kanagawa Prefecture next to Tokyo. It has 25 traditional old houses from the Kawasaki area and East Japan. You can see many types of local houses such as farmhouses from a snowfall area or residence from an old castle town. Compare the differences of the structure of buildings and building methods depending on areas and ages!



The Emukai House

“The Emukai House” is one of the National Important Cultural Property, built in early 18th century at the area of Mt. Goka in Toyama. This is called “Gassho style,”  since the big steep gabled roof looks hands joined in prayer and “Gassho” means “hands joined in prayer.” The second and third floors were often used for the silkworm cultural industry which people raised silkworms in order to obtain raw silk.


The Misawa House

“The Misawa House” is one of the Prefectural Important Cultural Property, built in the mid 19th century in the area of the Nakasendo Highway in Nagano. The roof used plates of chestnut trees which were pressed down only by stone and wooden bars.


Kokagesan Shrine

“Kokagesan Shrine” is one of the City Important Cultural Property, built in the mid 18th century in Kawasaki. This shrine consists of  a palace dedicated to patron deity of sericulture, Kokagesan Daigongen. Inside of the palace, you can see four symbolic sculpture works (lion, hawk, ship, garden) on all sides.

Visiting here will be one of the best opportunities to learn the life and culture of  the old time in Japan.  Come and touch it by yourself!

Opening Hours: 9:30 – 17:30 (MAR  – OCT), -16:30 (NOV – FEB)

Closed on: Monday (open on holiday), The day after Japanese national holidays (open on Saturdays and Sundays), Year-end holidays and New Year’s holidays (from December 29 to January 3)

Admission Fee: Adults 500 yen, Students(Senior High School, College)  300 yen, 65 years and over 300 yen, Children(Junior High School and under) and Kawasaki-city citizen senior over 65 years Free

Address: 7-1-1 Masugata, Tama Ward, Kawasaki City, 214-0032 Japan
TEL +81-44-922-2181

For Tour Inquiry:
Japan Oriental Tours; Contact Us


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