Walk in Ko-Edo (Little Edo), Kawagoe Town!



Kuradukuri Street

Kawagoe is getting popular with its old architecture so called as Ko-Edo (little Edo). It flourished as one of the castle towns in the Edo period (17th – 19th century). You can get to Kawagoe only for one hour from Tokyo. Enjoy a time slip and rediscover the old era in Japan!


Old houses remain along the street

The warehouse style “Kuradukuri” is a method of architecture with massive entrance doors and robust tiled roofs in order to stand against fire. It had developed in the Edo period. You can follow the trace of Edo along “Kuradukuri Street” which you cannot see in modern Tokyo.


The Time Bell Tower

The Time Bell Tower was originally built in the Edo period and rebuilt in the Meiji period (19th – 20th century). The clock has been ticking for about 390 years. It still rings four times a day (6 am, noon, 3 pm and 6 pm).


Kashi-ya Yokocho, the alley lined with shops selling sweets

The town has survived since the Meiji period and now you can see many stores of Japanese traditional snacks.

In Kashi-ya Yokocho, an alley lined with shops selling traditional sweets, there are twenty stores on the stone pavement. The taste of traditional Japanese snacks such as mint, cinnamon drops, Japanese rice crackers and dumplings has passed on since the Meiji period. Anyone can feel nostalgic here.



Kawagoe Kumano Shrine

Kawagoe is also a town of temples and shrines. Kawagoe Kumano Shrine, called “Okuman-sama” by local people, is known for bringing good fortune and match making. It has votive tablets in heart shape and if you write your wish and hang it in the shrine, your wish will come true.


Kawagoe local sweet “Imokoi”, sweet potato love

Imokoi is one of the famous Japanese confectionaries in Kawagoe. It was made from red sweet beans and sweet potatoes wrapped by yam and rice flour dough. You can enjoy the chewy texture.

Visiting Kawagoe will be a good day trip from Tokyo, have fun by walking the local streets and find your own favorites!

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