Shirakawago, World Heritage Thatched Roof Houses

Panorama of Shirakawago Village

Shirakawago is 1 hour bus ride away from Kanazawa or Takayama. In 1995, it was designated as the UNESCO World Heritage site and the whole world realized how beautiful this small town is, where old thatched roof houses has been preserved more than 300 years!

Wada House, National Important Property

Shirakawago still has 60 old thatched roof houses, some of them are open to public, some of them are shops and restaurants, and in some houses, local people are still living there keeping their traditional life.

It is surrounded by mountains, river, rice fields. You will find out how the life of Japanese farmers were during the samurai period.

Water wheel in the village

Water wheel was used to mill crops such as rice, wheat, or soba. The clean water comes from the nearby river.

Crossing Shogawa River for Outdoor Museum

Shogawa River runs along the village and it has played the essential roles for the local people’s life. At the end of the village, cross the bridge and you will reach the Gasshozukuri Minkaen Outdoor Museum.

Inside the thatched roof house

In the museum, you will see the inside of old thatched roof houses. During the winter time, the farmers raised silkworms in their houses, they had huge space in the upper floors to keep the worms.

There’s an entrance door also on the upper floor. The lower floor was buried in the snow in winter, they had to have another doorway.

Local gift shop

While walking in the village, you will have chances to see local handcrafts and enjoy traditional meals. The way they work has been modernized lately, the shops and restaurants accept credit card or electric payment.

Traditional dishes in a local restaurant

Shirakawago is famous with its Hida Beef and it is also a heaven for vegetarians and vegans. Ho-oba Miso is one of their specialties, grill local vegetables or tofu on the flavory Ho-ba leaf. Sansai, wild vegetables are also you should not miss, grilled, boiled, pickled, various forms of vegetable dishes will be arranged on a plate.

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