Tourism is Back in Japan! Japan Tourism EXPO 2022 Proves It

Promoting local food from Akashi, in Japan Tourism EXPO 2022

After a long absence of overseas tourists, finally, foreign tourist are back in Japan from June 2022 and from October, the travel conditions will be almost the same as before the COVID-19.

On 22-25 September 2022, Japan Tourism EXPO were held at Tokyo Big Sight and the people of the tourism section showed a big smile expecting a large number of tourists will be soon arriving in Japan. Take a look at how we are ready for welcoming you here!

  • Find the Powers of Northern Island Hokkaido
Dice game to get the local gift

Noboribetsu in Hokkaido is a popular destination with hot spring and Hell Valley. They built a small game house to play with demons from the Hell Valley. Throw your dice to go forward and if you are lucky enough to get through, you’ll get a Noboribetsu local gift!

Gift from Noboribetsu

We got local tenugui of Noboribetsu! Tenugui is a thin cotton towel which is useful as a handkerchief or wrapping sheet for gifts. If you have a chance to visit Noboritetsu, find a tenugui towel of demons available at various hot spring resorts in the town.

Exhibiting Japan’s aboriginal Ainu culture

Many people believe that Japan is an indigenous country but Ainu, aborigines have been living in Japan longer than the current Japanese people and in recent years, we started to protect their life and culture. National Ainu Museum and Park “Upopoy” opened in Hokkaido and we can learn their life with nature and sprits.

Lavender oils from Furano, Hokkaido

Frano is about two hours drive from the Hokkaido’s central city Sapporo. Quite popular with great food and beautiful scenery, and many people are looking forward to visiting their lavender farm. Actually, their lavender is not one kind, more than five kinds of lavenders are blooming in Furano, and they make oils, perfumes, soaps with it. When you visit Furano, try the different lavender aromas and find your favorite one!

  • Experience the Traditions
Ninja Academy trains you to be Ninjya!

You can be a Ninja! Ninja Academy has newly opened near Kusatsu Onsen hot spring in Gunma, you can learn the basic skills of Ninja and they also have a farmer’s style hotel for someone who is really into it. In the village of the academy, real Ninjas were living during the samurai period and one of the masters is actually from those Ninja family!

Ms Sake shows you the best sakes in Japan

Not only sushi or tempura, sake, Japanese rice wine is one of the most popular Japanese food culture. Good sake factories spread around Japan, when you come to our country, you will be able to visit one of those factories to see how sake is made and taste several different kinds. Small amount of sake is good for your health, A sake a day keeps the doctor away!

Look at their foot!

So, they are taking a rest at the wooden table? Not just sitting, take a loot at their foot. They are have a foot bath! By putting your feet in the hot spring water, it will improve your blood circulation and take your fatigue away.

Lately, you can find more Ashiyu foot bath places in the park, along the street, even in the railway station! It is one of the best ways to relax easily during your trip to Japan.

Japan Tourism EXPO showed a wide variety of wonders which are unique to Japan. And you will have a chance to experience them by yourself while visiting here.

We will be looking forward to welcoming you to Japan!

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