Rikugien in Tokyo, Japanese Landscape Garden Loved by Shogun


Garden recreating scenes from old poems

If you are a garden lover, Rikugien Garden in Tokyo is one of the places you must visit. It locates in central Tokyo, near Komagome Train Station. Very easy to add to your Tokyo day trip itinerary.


The main gate of Rikugien Garden

When you walk along the modern shops and houses, a red brick gate suddenly appears. Inside is a great example of a Japanese landscape garden, a pond with an island locates in the center and as you walk along the path, different landscapes appear in front of you.


Takemon, Bamboo Gate

It used to be a part of samurai lord Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu‘s residence during the Edo Period, in the 17-18th century. “Rikugi” means six categories of Chinese or Japanese poems. Yoshiyasu intended to recreate the landscapes depicted in Kokin Wakashu, an anthology of Japanese poems called “Waka.”


Togetsukyo Bridge, a bridge to see the moon

It has 88 miniature landscapes including famous Wakanoura Bay in Wakayama Prefecture. The Edo shogun often visited the garden to appreciate the landscapes which change with the seasons.


Landscapes inspired by poems

In the 19th century, a modern entrepreneur Iwasaki Yataro (the founder of Mitsubishi Group) bought the place and the garden has been preserved as it was in the samurai period. Now it belongs to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and open to public as a metropolitan garden.


Weeping cherry blossoms in spring

The garden will be colored by seasonal flowers and autumn leaves. Weeping cherry blossoms in March – April and azalea in April – May are especially popular.

It also has quiet tea houses inside, why don’t you spend a nice relaxed time in the oasis of the busy city while you are staying in Tokyo?

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