Hitachi Seaside Park, A Day Trip from Tokyo


Entrance of Hitachi Seaside Park

Hitachi Seaside Park in Hitachi-Naka City in Ibaraki is becoming one of the most popular tourist spots for a day trip from Tokyo. Enjoy the great nature in a vast park along the Pacific Ocean!


Seaside Train runs around the park

This is a park with 200 ha with gardens, hills and leisure land. You will be able to spend a day to have fun and feel the nature. Don’t worry, the Seaside Train will take you around the places in the park, get on and off freely in the park stations, very easy for elderly and small children.


Glass House and pond

The Glass House is overlooking the seaside and the beautiful pond is attached to it. You will be able to have a tea in a cafe, enjoying panorama from your own table. By the Seaside Train, the house is just 10 minutes ride from the entrance of the park.


Miharashi (Panorama) Hill

Miharashi Hill, the panorama hill is the highlight of the park. Don’t miss it in any season. During the summer time, green kochia, summer cypress is welcoming you. It’ll grow red during autumn, the hill shows different faces in the each season.


Nemophila in Miharashi Hill

Nemophila, small blue flowers made this park world famous. During April and May, the hill is covered by the flower carpet, and people all over the world visit here just to see it. This is the view you can never have anywhere else on earth!


Sawada Nature House

The park is also dedicated to the nature conservation. A Nature house is built along the natural spring, you’ll see what birds or plants are living in this area, and short walking along the spring will make you feel cool and refresh.


Fountains in the Pleasure Garen

The park is popular with family and kids, since it includes a big “Pleasure Garden” with Ferris wheels and enxicing attractions. During the summer time, kids or adults are having fun with water in a fountain square.


Flowers are everywhere in the park

It’ll be about 2 hours drive from Tokyo, and famous Mito Kairakuen Garden is nearby. Kairakuen Garden is established by a member of Tokugawa Shogunate royal family.

If you have already visited M

t Fuji and Nikko and are looking for the next destinations for the day trip from Tokyo, why not try Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki, we assure you will have a fun day!

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