Check around the Tokyo Cherry Blossoms 2019!


Cherry blossom under the blue sky

Tokyo has been enjoying sakura, cherry blossom more than 14 days! This is extraordinary long time, since usually it’s in bloom for a week or less. Tourists from all over the world have had great opportunities to view the blooming. Here we are checking around the cherry blossoms on the streets in Tokyo.



Cherry blossoms over the Tokyo Canal

One of the great view spots in Tokyo is along the Tokyo Canal, which surrounds the Imperial Palace, located in the center of Tokyo. More than several hundreds of cherry trees are planted along the canal, you can see the blooming from the car, trains, or just by walking along the streets. And the flowers covering over the water look especially beautiful.


Blooming in Roppongi

When you walk in the Roppongi area, there are small streets where cherry trees are lining up along them, and the scenery in front of The National Art Center is like a piece of artwork!


Sakura night view

Don’t forget to walk around during the night time, in some places, cherry blossoms are lighten up so that the passengers can enjoy its view having coffee or beer on an outdoor terrace.


Cherry leaves replacing the flowers

When it’s coming to the end, green leaves are replacing the pink flowers day by day. And cherry trees will be all green when the summer arrives. This is how we feel the change of the seasons in Tokyo.


Sakura-mochi, a cake covered by cherry leaf

And here’s our another pleasure for the spring time, Sakura-mochi! Sweet bean paste is inside the rice cake, and covered by salted cherry leaf. We have been eating this more than 300 years and the flavor of the cherry leaf makes us feel that we are in the middle of the spring!

A lot of tourists are still enjoying the cherry blossoms in our Tokyo tours, it’s your turn next year, let’s get started for the tour planning!

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