Tokyo Restaurant Bus, Taste Your View!


Chef prepares authentic Japanese dishes

We joined a Tokyo Restaurant Bus tour! You can taste authentic Japanese food prepared by a professional chef, while driving around the city of Tokyo and enjoying the interesting views. Why don’t you join this new food experience?


There’s a rooftop on the bus

The tour starts in Hibiya, near the Ginza shopping district. The chef is on board with you, the dishes will be served right after it gets ready. And don’t worry, the bus has a toilet inside!


Check out the Tokyo City over your head!

The bus runs through the Imperial Palace, Akihabara, Ueno, Asakusa and Tokyo Skytree. You’ll be able to see all the most important places through the bus window, while enjoying appetizer and drinks. English speaking assistant is with you, so ask for another beer to your table!


Meat and vegetables with miso sauce

One thing that the Restaurant Bus chef cares about is, using Tokyo’s traditional ingredients, such as Komatsuna (mustard spinach), Tsukudani (boiled seafood with soy sauce), Bettara pickles (pickled raddish), and Edo taste miso. The food you have in the bus is exactly the same as the lunch or dinner of Tokyo’s first class Japanese restaurant! Don’t miss the chances to have authentic Tokyo taste.


Mitsukoshi Department Store in Nihombashi

In some parts of Tokyo, you can still see some old-style buildings with almost 100 years history. When you see it from the bus, you can also enjoy seeing the upper part of beautiful buildings, so don’t forget to take photos, you’ll never get that shot while walking on the streets!


Kimono ladies in Asakusa

We had a short break in Asakusa, to visit a temple and find some souvenirs from Japan. You will see that Tokyo is a mix of ultra-modern buildings and old town with a long history. Lately, wearing kimono is so popular among tourists, both foreigners and Japanese, you will feel like getting back to the old time when all of us were wearing kimono!


Godzilla in Hibiya

And we are back in Hibiya, this is a town of Godzilla! The film company of Godzilla, Toho’s office and the theaters locate here and their new Godzilla statue is now the symbol of the town. Let’s take a photo with Godzilla and wait for the next Godzilla movie to come.

The Restaurant Bus tour is both for lunch or dinner, about three hours. If you don’t have a lot of time in Tokyo, this will save your time and give you a chance to enjoy Japanese traditional dishes! And if you don’t want to be bothered by fancy restaurant manners, this will be also a perfect opportunity for you.

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