Why is Hiroshima So Popular among Family Tourists?


You will learn how to visit a shrine

Hiroshima is the best place to visit with your family. Enjoy beautiful scenery and traditional culture in Japan, and you are going to learn the most important part of the world history. Here’s our customers experiences in Hiroshima and Miyajima!

1. Learn Samurai History


Disguise as a samurai!

Hiroshima was once ruled by a powerful warlord and the castle has been reconstructed in the center of the city. Learn how the samurai lived in Japan and experience samurai costume!

2. Indulge yourself in Amazing Nature


Miyajima Ropeway


The View of Setouchi Inland Sea

Most of tourists visit Itsukushima Shrine and Great Torii Gate in Miyajima Island, but local people suggest you should take the Miyajima Ropeway to get to Mount Misen. Once you up there, you’ll understand why. The amazing view of the Setouchi Inland Sea is all yours!

3. Have Fun with Deer


Deer in Miyajima Island

Just like deer in Nara Park, deer in Miyajima will be one of the most friendly wild animals in the world. They are happy to take photos with tourist, sit at the entrance of restaurants and gift shops to welcome guest, and they don’t ask for any kind of tips, including food. (It is prohibited to give them food, since they are considered wild animals.)

4. Offer Your Paper Crane to Pray for Peace


With our lady driver in the Peace Memorial Park

As you have heard of this, Hiroshima was suffered by atomic bombing during World War II and now everyone of you has a chance to pray for peace in the Peace Memorial Park. Usually, we make a paper crane and offer it at the monument. By doing so, you can be a part of the history.

Hiroshima is popular among the tourists from all around the world. Once you visit there, you’ll find many reasons for that!

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