Scuba Diving Experience in Okinawa!


Take photos in the Okinawa Water!

Here’s our third report from Okinawa, the most southern part of Japan.

You can enjoy many water sports there such as snorkeling, diving, sea kayaking. I decided to try the scuba diving and as this was the first time I tried scuba diving, I was extremely nervous.


A boat will take you to the diving spot

But the instructors were very professional and all facilities on the boat were sufficient so I calmed down quickly then concentrated on some lessons on breathing in water and safety measures.


The instructor shows you how to breathe

We got into water in a team of 4- 5 people with one instructor. The underwater world is so wonderful with beautiful coral, sea turtle and other plants. The possibility of taking a swim with sea turtle is very high in Kerama so don’t miss your chance to have unforgettable memory with them as photos can be taken underwater!

If you are interested in your adventure in Okinawa, please contact us!

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