Okinawa’s Blue Ocean is Waiting for You!


Shark Tank in Churaumi Aquarium

Only about 3 hours from Narita Airport by flight, Okinawa is really different from the mainland Japan, both climate and culture.

Located at the southernmost of Japan, used to be called as “the Ryukyu Kingdom,” Okinawa has tropical atmosphere where you have a chance to learn about some rare plants here. As the plane was about to land, I was very overwhelmed by the sparkling blue ocean below and shiny warm weather.


Looking down the sea of Okinawa

People in Okinawa are very friendly, always smile at you so you will never feel like a stranger here. They speak Japanese with Okinawan dialect, it is not a foreign language to Japanese but quite interesting to know. The  word for “Welcome” that you often hear in Okinawa is “Mensore”, not “Irasshaimasse” as other parts of Japan. So don’t be surprised if someone says “Mensore” to you!


Hibiscus Flower

On the way from Airport to Naha city, there are many beautiful hibiscus flowers blooming along the roads. The guide said this flower represents Okinawa. That’s why you can see it everywhere on this amazing island, even the station staffs wear blue hibiscus pattern uniform!


View from Churaumi Aquarium

After breathing some fresh air and cool breeze blowing from the sea, we dropped by Churaumi Aquarium which is probably the most famous Aquarium in Japan and always crowded with flow of tourists.

沖縁E¾Žã‚‰æµ·æ°´æ—é¤¨ _3

Statue of whale shark

There is a very nice and huge whale shark statue right at the entrance. And my favorite thing there is the whale shark tank and shark skin samples at Shark Research Lab. There is a huge shark jaw that attracted many people come to take photos with.


Okinawa curry rince

If you are hungry, you can try some Okinawan cuisine right at a restaurant inside. I had curry rice with Okinawa cooking style, the pork was so soft and the soup tasted very special.

My report on Okinawa will continue!

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