Find Best Gift in Kappabashi Dogu-gai Street in Tokyo!

Kappabashi Dougu-gai Street is a town of stores which have many kitchen tools and tableware such as dishes, knives, pans, cooking utensils, and wax food samples. It is located in Tokyo near Asakusa, you can find Japanese food culture easily when you visit here.


Japanese high quality knives

The knives in Japan are well known with its quality and you will find many knife stores in Kappabashi, which have a variety of knives, not only kitchen knives, also gardening scissors or display swords Lately, those knife shops are very popular among visitors from other countries. You will be able to carve your own name on a knife!


Shop specialized in knife sharpening

Sharpening knives has been a special technique which requires high-end craftsmanships. In Kappagbashi, you will find stores specialized in sharpening knives. If you get a knife, bring it to one of those sharpeners and see how sophisticated their way of sharpening is!


Food samples made of wax

Looks so tasty! But this is not real food 🙂 These are made of wax, produced for display purposes. In Japan, many restaurants put food samples in front of their entrance and it helps guests to decide what to eat. Lately, food samples are very popular as a gift from Japan. Get one of these are a key chain or cell phone strap!


Machines to make Japanese shaved ice.

These are machines to shave ice. It is very popular to make shaved ice in summer at home or at festivals in Japan. Currently, many are electric but some people still like to shave it by hand, and the machine looks exactly the same as fifty years ago! In Japan, shaved ice is usually eaten with sweet syrup. Why don’t you make it by yourself and feel cook at home?


Armor in the samurai era.

You can find also antique shops in Kappabashi, which have wajima-nuri lacquerwares, gold inlaid lacquer boxes, samurai armors, swords, and so on. Kappabashi antique shops will provide you with samurai life-style.


Paper lanterns

Lanterns were commonly used during the samurai period and still it’s popular as ornaments. They are hanged in front of Japanese local restaurants or food stands at festivals. Red lanterns are especially for small pubs and we call that kind of pub “red lantern (aka chochin).”


Lunch at Kappabashi

The food in the center of this picture is called Hiyamugi, wheat noodles cooled on ice, which Japanese people eat in summer. The sweet at the right upper side of this picture is called Anmitsu. Jelly and beans topped with red beans jam (an), black syrup (mitsu), and some fruits and rice-flour dumplings, this is Japanese traditional sweets. The downtown Kappabashi area is also well known with its local traditional foods.

If you explore Kappabashi with one of our guides, you will easily understand the tools and find what you want. Let’s stop by on your way to Asakusa!

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