Hiroshima Summer Day Trip for Families


In front of Great Torii Gate in Miyajima Island

Visiting Hiroshima in the summer is another great experience for you! Under the beautiful sunshine, you can feel nice breeze which you will never see in the big cities such as Tokyo or Osaka.

Our Hiroshima Private Tour is the best for your family trip. From two to five or six people, you will be able to see around with a private car and driver, do anything on your own pace. Many of our family travelers choose this tour.


Purifying your hands before entering a shrine

Miyajima Island has the famous Itsukushima Shrine with Great Torii Gate which stands on the sea. Since it is a sacred place, you will need to purify your hands before entering the shrine, our English speaking driver will show you how to do it.


At the entrance the main hall of Itsukushima Shrine

Itsukushima Shrine’s main hall is famous for its vermillion pillars. When the sea tide is high, the main hall also looks like floating on the sea. Do not miss it!


Pray peace in Peace Memorial Park

Hiroshima is the first city attacked by an atomic bomb during the World War II. People pray peace with folding paper cranes in the Peace Memorial Park.


Grilled oysters

Hiroshima has the largest number of production of oysters in Japan. You can eat many of local specialties in Hiroshima such as grilled oysters, shijimi clams and lemons. Shijimi clams are produced in the beautiful Ota River of Hiroshima, which are very rare kind. Also, the Hiroshima lemon “Aka-shu” is distributed without preservative, so you can eat even its peel.


Good smiles with our customers

All of our English speaking drivers are knowledgeable locals. Please ask anything about the town, local customs and Japanese culture. Our drivers will provide you with inspiring information and make your trip even more satisfying!

For inquiry:

JapanOrientalTours; Contact Us


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