Hiroshima Friendly Tour in Winter


Fortune telling at shrine

Hiroshima is a rather warm city in Japan, you will have a great time even during the winter period. Our driver showed around customers who visited Hiroshima after enjoying skiing in Hakuba, Nagano!


Showing around Itsukushima Shrine

On this day, our English speaking guide accompanied the customers. Hiroshima is much more interesting if you learn the history of the temples and shrines, and the modern World War II.


With Great Torii, vermilion gate floating on the sea

Vermilion gate is a part of the Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajima, when the sea tide is high, it looks like floating on  the water!


Gift shop in Miyajima


Put your name on hashi, the chopsticks!

Miyajima is well known with its wooden crafts. You can bring back traditional chopsticks with your name on it. Ask the shop how to write your name in Japanese!


Huge rice scoops at Senjokaku Temple

Miyajima is the only place you can see such a huge rice scoop! We usually use it to serve hot rice, here it’s offered to gods in the temple.



Disguise as samurai!

In the Hiroshima Castle, you will have a chance to wear traditional samurai costumes. You will look like real samurai in the ancient times!


Customers and lady driver, guide (her son!!)

Hiroshima is also well known with its great hospitality, you will be a important guest like a part of our family or friends. It’ll be our biggest pleasure if you finish your tour with a big smile!

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