Meet Doraemon in the Museum!


Let’s meet Doraemon!

Fujiko F Fujio Museum or Doraemon Museum is located at Kawasaki city, just 30 minutes away from Tokyo. Robotic blue cat named Doraemon is a beloved manga character that many of us grew up with. The truth is that not only children, even adults are still interested in these comic series. Let’s go to catch Doraemon and learn how to make comics from the creator Fujiko F Fujio!


Entrance ticket to the museum


City bus with Doraemon!

Right in front of the museum, you will have a chance to take photos with the Doraemon bus. It seems that they change the bus theme time to time so maybe next time you can see  very different colors and paintings.


Doraemon loves dorayaki (pancake with anko paste)

As I said, this lovely blue cat is quite popular not only among children, but also adults, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait after a long queue to the exhibition rooms. There are some figures such as Doreamon, Nobita, Suneo made on the wall along the lobby leading to the main hall.

As you entered the main hall, cameras and mobile phones are prohibited. Staff will hand you a device looking like a mobile phone, when you push on any button, there will be a tape voice that tells you everything about the history of Doreamon comics, the creator etc. in details. Everything in the exhibition rooms is in Japanese but it is easy to understand when looking at slide presentation and pictures.


Comic corner in the museum

There is comics corner for fans of Doreamon! Here you can enjoy some series that are not published.


Open Air Park

After enjoying some games and picture booths, it’s time for strolling in the open-air yard outside!


Fujko Fujio and characters created by him


Frozen Draemon 🙂

If you are hungry after walking around, there is a coffee shop right here. Menu is various with many options to choose.


Doraemon Curry


Doraemon Spaghetti


Doraemon & Nobita Coffee

I think you would be puzzled for some moment before deciding what to have for lunch because all of them looks so cute! And staffs here are very friendly and helpful. They were pleased to take photos for you!


Find gifts for your family and friends

On the way out, you will find a very interesting souvenir shop. Here you can buy Jaian CD, memory bread, dorayaki and other stuff. Do you want to have this intelligent cat besides you all your life?

Fujiko F Fujio Museum (Doraemon Museum) in Kawasaki-city
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