Autumn Leaves in Japan – in Hiroshima and Kyoto


Miyajima covered by autumn leaves

Autumn leaves have been especially beautiful this year in Japan. Here are some of the photos which our customers actually witnessed during our tours!


Kimono ladies in Miyajima

Miyajima is a sacred island in Hiroshima, which has a beautiful shrine, Itsukujima Jinja. This place is popular for photo shootings and you might be able to see some ladies in kimono!


A deer welcomes you

Sacred deer are living in the Miyajima Island, they are considered as the messengers of gods. Actually, they are so friendly and waiting for tourists to feed them, and would welcome you in front of a restaurant!


Renge-ji Temple in Kyoto

During the autumn period, the ancient capital Kyoto is covered by red and yellow leaves. You will find it everywhere while visiting temples and shrines in Kyoto!


Well in the garden of Kompuku-ji Temple

Kompuku-ji Temple locates in the norther part of Kyoto, and usually not so many tourists visit there but it’s different in autumn. You should not miss its amazing red and yellow colors and simple dry garden.


homemade lunch offered by customer

One of our customers prepared sandwich for our driver! It’s not difficult to get bread and cheese, jelly, vegetables in a supermarket and it’s a great opportunity to have lunch together during the tours!

Autumn leaves in Japan are getting more and more popular lately. Better to prepare early for your next year’s autumn leaves viewing!

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