Ninja and Traditional Village at Mt Fuji!


Modern ninja at the village

Do you know you can visit Ninja Village and Oshino Hakkai traditional village at the foot of Mt Fuji? Here’s a report of Japan Oriental Tour’s coordinator from Vietnam.


There used to be ninja and samurai until about 150 years ago in Japan. In this village, I felt like going back to the old Japanese time. You can rent Ninja costumes at the souvenir shop and take part in the Ninja practice course such as Shuriken throwing skills like a real Ninja!


Entrance of Ninja Village “Shinobi-no Sato”

Among the attractions. the Ninja trick house was the most impressive for me. Photos are prohibited, so you have no way but visit to see with your own eyes.

Your mission is entering the room and finding your way out of the house again. The doors to the various rooms are hidden and you have to push objects around to see that it can open or not.

Outside the house, there are some ninjas waiting for you. You can take photos with them. Very cool!


Restaurant in the Ninja Village


Ice cream from a dairy farm around Mt Fuji

If you feel hungry after the ninja actions, there is a nice restaurant waiting for you at the end of the village. With the lunch, ice cream and drinks re also served.


Oshino Hakkai Traditional Village

Finishing the sightseeing trip at the Ninja Village, we headed to Oshino Hakkai. Oshino Hakkai literally means “eight seas” in Japanese and there are exactly eight spring water ponds flowing from Mt Fuji. You can drink the cool water straight from the source.

The houses here still maintain old Japanese style. All the plants are green and full of life, reflected to the water that makes it really beautiful!


The caps in the pond are like flying in the sky

I have to tell you that I have never seen such a clear water pond like here. You can see through the bottom with blue sky reflected and fish swimming inside. I just stayed still at the pond and my eyes seemed to be stick to the water. It looks like crystal, not a pond! And I called the fish here “flying fish”.


Mt Fuji from Oshino Hakkai

From there, you will have a great view of Mt Fuji!


Peach is Mt Fuji area’s local product

On the way out, you can enjoy local snacks and fruits here such as kusamochi (green mochi), boiled corn, peach and grapes. Very delicious!

Ninja Village and Oshino Hakkai can be combined with Mt Fuji & Hakone Tour. Don’t miss the chance of these unique experiences!

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  1. Very interesting. I didn’t know this existed. By the way I get many tourists and I always recommend those places where they might be interested and I thought i can also recommend your service to those people who are interested in traveling outside of Tokyo for a day trip. Do you have brochures that I can provide to our customers?

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