Meet Nature & History in Hakone!


Wear kimono in Hakone!

Hakone is one of our favorite tourist spots, about 2 hours car ride from Tokyo. Historically it was a borderline between Tokyo city part and the suburb area, there was a government’s checkpoint for the main road during the Edo period.

Nowadays, it’s a luxury onsen hot spring resort and it’s at the foot of the Japan’s highest mountain, Mt Fuji!


Rest house and gift shop in a traditional style


Straw hats for travelers about 300 years ago

In the old time, travelers between East and West stayed overnight here and rested their horses. Since then, Hakone has many hotels and inns around Ashinoko, Lake Ashi.

In Hakone Sekisho, the Hakone Checkpoint, you will be able to see how the ancient travel was and the life of the checkpoint guards.


Hakone Sekisho, the Checkpoint and Lake Ashi

To protect the Shogun’s capital Edo (current Tokyo), the Hakone Checkpoint was extremely important for the government. Instead of building a tower or castle, they went up to the hill top to see around, make sure no one could get through without inspection.


Traditional Japanese lunch

It is very common to have many kinds of dishes for Japanese lunch. In Hakone, you will find good mountain vegetables, halal friendly lunch is also available for Muslim tourists.


Experience kimono, matcha at rest house

Just like ancient travelers, you will be able to have a tea time in kimono, in a lake side rest house. When it’s sunny, Mt Fuji is over the mountains behind you.


Lake Ashi cruise

You will be able to be on the Lake Ashi by a cruise ship, enjoy the wonderful nature and refreshing breeze around the lake.


Komagatake Ropeway departing from Lake Ashi

After the cruise, take the ropeway from the lake side, the view of the lake and the mountains is all yours! And there’s a shrine on top, since we believe gods live in mountains, in the middle of nature.

Visiting Hakone can be a day tour from Tokyo, combining Mt Fuji. Let’s get out of the city to have unforgettable experiences!

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