Pray for Peace and Try Delicious Food in Hiroshima!


Offer your paper crane at Peace Memorial Park

Hiroshima is a historical important city in Japan. It experienced a tragic civil war and the first atomic bomb attack in the world. Now it’s the place to pray for peace of the world, and local delicious meals will treat yourself.


Okonomiyaki, fried pancake

Okonomiyaki is everyone’s favorite. It literally means “Fry as you like.” Add a lot of vegetable as you like with meat or seafood. The dish can be arranged for vegetarian or halal upon your request.

Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima is so special with its volume and variety, you can never find anything like this in other parts of Japan. Don’t miss this chance!


Grilled oyster

Oyster is a local product in Miyajima, Hiroshima. Such a huge oyster piece costs a fortune in Tokyo! And it can never be fresher. Just grill and add soy sauce, then it tastes heavenly!


With our driver guide

During the private tour, our driver guide will find the best solution for you. People in Hiroshima are so nice and friendly. You’ll definitely have a different experience!


Student chorus group

Students in Hiroshima are happy about many overseas tourists being interested in Hiroshima and coming to see their city. If one of them talks to you, please be nice and enjoy the conversation!

Hiroshima is a place you can find something unique, only in this city around the world. Take an extra step from Tokyo or Osaka, Kyoto by Shinkansen or flight!

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