Cherry Blossoms and Hiroshima in April


Purify yourself before entering shrine

So many overseas tourists visited Hiroshima this April! And luckily, many of them had a chance to see cherry blossoms in full bloom. Here are some of the photos of our private Hiroshima Tour!


Cherry Blossoms in Hiroshima

Cherry blossom in Hiroshima is so famous and local people have picnic under the trees. If you come to Hiroshima in early spring, the cherry blossoms are everywhere and look so beautiful under the sunshine.


Temple in Miyajima Island

We say “Hanagumori”, cloudy days in early spring. Cherry blossoms look pale under the cloudy weather, which is also beautiful, not only under the blue sky and strong sunshine. Please enjoy the way it looks like.


Griled oysters in Miyajima Island

This is something you’ll never see in other parts of Japan. Oysters in Miyajima, Hiroshima are so popular, you should try once, grill and add a little soy sauce will be the best!


A-Dome in Hiroshima

Our English speaking driver guide will take care of everything during the tour, we have family, friends or couple tourists from all over the world!


Cruise ship arrived in Hiroshima Port

We’ll pick you up at hotel, railway station or sea port. Many cruise ships stop by in Hiroshima, you’ll have a chance of your own private excursion with our private tour. Don’t miss the chance to spend your best holiday in Hiroshima!

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