Sakura, Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo 2017


This year’s sakura, cherry blossoms have been blooming so long, it’s over 2 weeks! (Usually, just 1 week or less.) This is my first time to see so many cherry blossoms everywhere in Tokyo for such a long time, and still they are in bloom!

It’s like they know a lot of tourists from all over the world are visiting to see them , so they have waited more people to make it.

They have started blooming on March 22 in Tokyo, it was fun to see small buds were growing and got bigger.


And one week later, many tourists started arriving in Tokyo. They were showing their best attitude by blooming rapidly.



The beginning of April was the best time for the cherry blossoms, it was so beautiful even in the night time.


When the time passes, green leaves are growing to replace the pink flowers, but this year flowers are still holding with its strength.


Ueno Park is one of the sakura highlights in Tokyo, and April 14, the cherry blossoms are still welcoming tourists who were looking forward to seeing them.


This is incredible, Easter holiday tourists can also enjoy the great view of sakura in Tokyo. I admire them, how the cherry blossoms tried hard to meet the tourists expectations!

The truth is, rather low temperature at night and warm weather in the daytime have been holding the blossoms long time but I don’t think this is just a coincidence. The sakura have waited for you!

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