Meet Your Favorite Characters! Anime Japan 2017


From Attack on Titan

Not only Pokemon or Dragon Ball, Japanese anime (animated cartoon) is now world-wide popular and many people are expecting to see the new season of their favorite show, such as Attack on Titan.

Here’s our report of Anime Japan 2017, one of the biggest anime festivals in the world!


Fate/Grand Order Stage

This year, Fate/Grand Order (FGO) was the hottest stage of Anime Japan. Originally it is an online free game and now it has an anime movie, manga (comic), and novels. Fans make a long line in front of the FGO booth to have a look inside.


Pikachu from Pokemon

Pokemon is known all over the world, the yellow monster character Pikachu is now the symbol of Japanese anime culture.


Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day


Chise from The Ancient Magus’ Bride

You can find a lot of cosplay girls in the venue, taking their photos is one of the important purposes of big anime fans, and you can also cosplay there, the place has a changing room!


Mazinger Z

Anime Mazinger Z was originally aired from 1972 to 1974, and now it’s the legend for robot anime  fans.


My Hero Academia

The season 2 of anime “My Hero Academia” has just started. Including this one, many of anime series come from weekly comic magazine, such as “Shonen Jump.”

This is a rare occasion to get information of the latest and most popular anime series. Try to join the next Anime Japan, you might be able to meet your favorite character!

Anime Japan 2017
March 23 – 26, 2017 @ Tokyo Big Sight

For your own anime experience:
Tokyo Anime Tour by Japan Oriental Tours


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