Tokyo Tour (2) Yakiniku Lunch and Imperial Palace!

Let’s continue our Tokyo Tour!

Say goodbye to Happo-en, we headed to Chinzanso Hotel for lunch. Yes, finally lunch!!! This hotel has such a long history. 700 years ago, before the Edo Era, the land of Chinzanso was called Tsubakiyama (Mountain of Camellias), where wild camellias bloomed.

Well, there are many interesting things to talk about this hotel but let’s go for lunch first!!! We were served with Yakiniku in Teppan yaki (a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food), rice, sake (Japanese wine), green tea and ice cream for dessert .

Yakiniku lunch at Chinzanso Hotel

Yakiniku lunch at Chinzanso Hotel

We said Itadakimasu before lunch and enjoyed grilled beef, very soft and delicious, satisfied our empty stomach with Japanese white rice. Italian customers sitting opposite to me found very difficult to use chopsticks!

Sake tasted sweet and easy to drink, we said Kanpai, which means Cheers, before drinking Sake. Instead of saying Kekkodesu in tea ceremony, we said Oishi or Gochisosamadesu that means thank you for meal when finishing it. The hotel staff will be very happy to hear it from you!

We got energized after lunch, the tour guide said we had about 15 minutes before leaving there. Great! Nice for a stroll around gardens. As I said, this hotel is surrounded by hundred of camellia, a pond in the center with cherry trees and a waterfall nearby. Goldfish leaf of camellia is said to be very unique here, it is worth exploring. I really forgot that it is in the middle of the modern city!


Three story pagoda in the Chinzanso Garden

Well, I don’t know how to express my excitement when passed by Banquet Hall. Japanese wedding ceremony was held there. I could see broom and bride in traditional costumes, all female customers dressed up in kimono. What a pity, it was too far to take a clear photo.

But I was satisfied with some photos of Japanese girls wearing kimono to celebrate their 20 year old. It is impossible to express their beauty by word.


A lady in kimoto for the celebration of Coming of Age Day

We left Chinzanso and went to Tokyo Imperial Palace, the primary residence of the Emperor of Japan. It is a large park- like area located in the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo and contains buildings including the main palace, the private residences of the Imperial Family, an archive, museums and administrative offices.


Nijubashi Bridge at Imperial Palace

Enjoy the view of Nijubashi Bridge, which is said to be the face of the Imperial Palace, as well as the view of the Imperial Palace itself.

Nijubashi Bridge is one of the most well-known bridges in Japan. If you are looking at the bridge from the front, the two separate bridges appear as a single two storied bridge.

Luckily, when we reached there, rain completely stopped and sunny weather comforted us with soft white cloud wandering in the sky. The sky seemed to be more blue, ideal background for a shot at Nijubashi Bridge, water was so pure you can see through it. Such a good view to take pictures of Nijubashi with rows of cedar tree along the river bank.

On the way back to the bus, you can see with your own eyes a vast of bonsai at the outer garden. Now we headed out to Hinode Pier for a river cruise.


Sumida River Cruise

To be continued …

For the tour inquiry:
Japan Oriental Tours
Tokyo Asakusa & Imperial Palace Day Tour


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