Walk in Osaka! Have a Fun in the Castle

Osaka is the biggest city in the west part of Japan. You will be amazed by its huge skyscrapers and a peaceful park with a magnificent samurai castle. Let’s walk along the city of Osaka!


Umeda Sky Building

Osaka Umeda Sky Building is just behind the JR Osaksa Station. This is the city’s new landmark and on top of it, you will find “Floating Garden Observatory.”


view from Floating Garden Observatory

We call it “Floating Garden Observatory”, since it’s like a garden deck floating in the sky. Actually, there’s no flowers or trees on the deck, but the view around the deck will make you feel like you are in the middle of the “city garden”. You can enjoy the view of the Osaka city, rivers and the sea around it.


Elevator to the panorama deck

The elevator going up and down the deck is transparent, time to enjoy the unique architecture and the great sky!


Lunch at Hotel Granvia

Japanese food is not only sashimi and tempura! Osaka is the Japan’s food center. From casual to sophisticated, you can find the best food of Japan. This is a seafood dish by Hotel Granvia Osaka.


Osaka Castle is a symbol of Osaka Town. Originally built in 1597 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the leader of samurai warriors. He wanted this place to be the greatest castle of Japan, and now we can see the replica of his “Golden Tea House” inside the castle museum.

Osaka Pier

From the Osaka Castle, walk through the park and get to the Osaka Pier, where you can find a river cruise ship Aqua Liner. Get across the bridge over the castle moat, the same like ancient samurais.

aqualiner_rivercruiseThe view from the cruise ship. The river has a small island called “Nakanoshima”, this has been always the commercial center of Osaka, old bridges and modern buildings will tell you the past and present.

If you’d like to join a tour in Osaka, please check out our website!

Japan Oriental Tours
Osaka Walking Tour from Osaka
Osaka Walking Tour from Kyoto


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