Ginza Shopping District in Tokyo, Find the Best in the World!

Ginza in Tokyo is one of the most popular shopping areas, and one of the most “expensive” places in Japan. But since the town is established in the early stage of the Tokyo history, we still can find traditional authentic things, and that’s why we love this town!

Wako Ginza

Yonchome Intersection

This is the busiest part of Ginza, and the clock on top of the Wako Department building (left on the photo) is the landmark of Ginza. On holidays, the main street is open to pedestrians only, people enjoy shopping having some ice cream in the middle of the street!

Yurakucho Railway Station

Yurakucho Railway Station

This is in front of the Yurakucho Railway Station. Your walking in Ginza generally starts from here. A building with a white hat is Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan, they have a nice roof garden overlooking Ginza town.

Louis Vuitton in Ginza

Louis Vuitton in Ginza

Lately, you can find so many international designer shops in Ginza, Here Louis Vuitton, Bvlgari, Tiffany are next to each other, Chanel and Cartier are on the opposite side, other shops are Armani, Dior, Gucci … it’d be the best place for luxury shopping, more than New York, Paris, or Rome.

Apple Store in Ginza

Apple Store in Ginza

Apple Store is also one of the big shopping buildings in Ginza. Apple is so popular in Japan, everyone wants iPhone and iPad.

Shrine in Ginza

Shrine in Ginza

Among huge modern buildings, we keep a small corner for a shrine of a local god. The local god lives here to protect the land and the people, we can’t just move it, It’ll be worshiped here almost forever.

Sweets shop in Ginza

Ginza Akebono, traditional sweets shop

Many of the oldest, and the most popular shops are also here. Ginza Akebono is well known with its traditional Japanese sweets, people make a line in front of the shop to buy some of the seasonal sweets!

Chikuyo-tei in Ginza

Traditional Japanese restaurant, Chikuyo-tei in Ginza

Traditional Japanese restaurant Chikuyo-tei offers one of the best “Unagi” (grilled eel) in Tokyo. This restaurant started at the end of Edo samurai period, and its original sauce has been kept more than 100 years!

Bic Camera in Ginza

Electronic shop, Bic Camera in Ginza

Back to the Yurakucho Railway station, you’ll find a big electronic shop, Bic Camera. PCs, phones, cameras, watches, toys, everything is here with good prices, and they also sell foods and liquors with lower prices. Just looking around the shop, you’ll be amazed by so many new items you may never have seen before.

Ginza also has a world-wide well known fashion shop Uniqlo, and a popular gift shop Tokyu Hands, just one day is not enough, Shopping in Ginza will never end!

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