Exhibition in Japan, Explore a New World!

Spring has come! It’s time for big exhibitions, many business people get together in Japan.
We are showing you one of the biggest exhibition venue in Tokyo, Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba.

Tokyo Big Sight

The entrance of Tokyo Big Sight

To get to the Tokyo Big Sight, you need to take either Yurikamome, a Tokyo new transportation system, or Tokyo Rinkai Line train. We recommend Yurikame, you will be able to enjoy the Tokyo Bay great view, the newly developed area.


Registration for the exhibition

Before entering the inside, you need to register at the reception. If you register online in advance. you will able to check in faster.

Inside the Big Sight

Inside the venue]

Exhibitions in Tokyo are always full of people. In recent years, many visitors come from nearby countries such as China, Korea, Taiwan, and South East Asian countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia or Philippine. Exhibitions are usually bilingual of Japanese and English, but not so many Japanese business people speak English. If you are looking for business with local Japanese, it’s a good idea to visit with an interpreter.

Saudi Arabia booth

Saudi Arabia booth

Each booth has its unique decorations. It’s a good opportunity to see customs and cultures of different countries.

Along the Tokyo Bay

Along the Tokyo Bay

After the exhibition, relax yourself by enjoying the view of Tokyo Bay. Tokyo Big Sight is very close from the Rainbow Bridge, a huge bridge crossing over the Tokyo Bay. This will be one of memorable days of your visit to Japan.

Visit an exhibition with us!
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For Your Reference:
Tokyo Big Sight
Yurikamome, Tokyo New Transportation System
Tokyo Rinkai Line


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