Ameyoko Shopping Street, Japanese Traditional Downtown Market!

If you are interested in downtown Tokyo, Ameyoko Shopping Street in Ueno is the place to go.

A lot of fresh foods are sold with low prices here, and you can also find clothes, shoes, cosmetics and other various kinds of things along narrow crowded streets. Not only for local Japanese, it’s getting popular among tourists from overseas and this place is close to the famous tourism area, Asakusa.

Let’s visit Ameyoko and find something fun!

Ameyoko Shopping Street

Seasonal fruits are sold with a box

Fresh fruits come from all over Japan to Ameyoko. usually it’s sold with a box and rather cheaper buying in the supermarkets. And you may be able to find some unusual fruits here.

Ameyoko Shopping Street, Entrance

The Entrance of Ameyoko

Watch out! Amayoko is always full of people, even during the daytime of weekdays. If you’d like to avoid crowds, better to visit in the morning. Or it’ll be fun to walk among people who are eager to find better and cheaper things!

Ameyoko Shopping Street, Fish

Fresh fish just arrived in the morning

Fresh seafood is one of the common things you’ll find in Ameyoko, especially when you need a lot of them. No super market can beat this price!

Ameyoko Shopping Street, crackers

Selling Japanese crackers on a food stall

Shop owners in Amayoko are so friendly. Some of them understand English, so you can ask for a discount by yourself!

Ameyoko Shopping Street, dried seafood

Dried seafood

Dried seafood is something critical for Japanese cuisine. We keep it for long time without refrigerator and put it in the water to use for cooking. You can also get these with lower prices.

Ameyoko Shopping Street, shoes shop

Shoes shop in Ameyoko

Ameyoko shoes shops are also famous with its quality and prices. If you are looking for nice, practical shoes, it’s worth checking around.

Visit Ameyoko with us!

Tokyo Downtown Walking Tour by Japan Oriental Tours

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