Make Okonomiyaki! Your Own Experience in Tokyo

Okonomiyaki is one of the Japanese treats, pancake with a lot of vegetables and meat or sea food. You will have a chance to make it on your own downtown Tokyo.

Let’s enjoy making okionomiyaki!


Let’s make and taste okonomiyaki

Right after cooking it, you can eat it from the hot iron table.

how to make okonomiyaki

How to make okonomiyaki

If you are not sure about how to start, let’s check out the recipe. It’s on the okonomiyaki restaurant’s wall with drawings so that anyone can understand it.

okonomiyaki ingredients

Okonomiyaki ingredients

Ingredients will be served on your table and you can make sure what will be inside in it. Usually flour, water, egg, vegetables, and you can pick up meat or sea food, or sometimes both.


Okonomiyaki is cooked!

Just mix and make a round shape. Quite easy. When it seems enough cooked. turn it upside down and cook the both sides.

okonomiyaki finished

Okonomiyaki is ready!

Once it’s done, put condiments just as you like. Usually, it’s bonito flakes, vegetable sauce, mayo, green sea weed, and Japanese like to eat it with spicy red ginger.

Bon appetit!

Let’s enjoy Tokyo Downtown Walking!

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2 thoughts on “Make Okonomiyaki! Your Own Experience in Tokyo

  1. I love those okonomiyaki restaurants! Although most of the ones I have been to they actually mix it all together and make it for you at the table and you look after the frying of it.

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